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My name is Anne. My family calls me Tiyay. I'm a Mother. Wife. Entrepreneur.

I used to feel & think negatively every time I hear & see the word " face mask." In my head, the word face mask is equivalent to being sick.  I was not too fond of that negative feeling & thinking. So, when I first made the face masks for my family, one of my goals was to create a protective cover that will bring positivity, comfort, style, protection & safety altogether since face masks will be part of our daily activity.

The moment when I posted my personal masks on my social media accounts, I received so much inquiries & orders - The rest is history, and Tiyay Online is born.






I'm passionate about delivering quality, handmade & homemade face masks. My hope with Tiyay Face Mask is that it will give you the motivation, inspiration, bring positivity, comfort, style, protection & safety altogether in your daily activity.


Also, helping others become happier makes me happier and more motivated to make the Tiyay Face Masks, sooooo....everyone wins! *High Five!*



Tiyay Face Masks